Entry #1

What the hell I'm doing

2011-05-19 03:49:07 by azabazacaza

I'm starting an animation and animation series that I'm going to be making through the past months, the big ones will be posted on newgrounds and the ones that I do when I'm bored. But my crappy animations will be seen on...cough, youtube, the toilet of the internet! So prepare yourself for major retardation.

What the hell I'm doing


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2011-06-19 12:46:40

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2011-06-26 07:07:49

Thanks for review another one of my songs! Really appreciate your feedback and enthusiasm towards my music!

Send me a message when you put this series on Youtube! I can't wait for it...so get crackin'!!! LOL


azabazacaza responds:

Hey no problemo
I listen to your songs all the time
and I think there awesome
I just want you to keep going on what your doing because I want more songs to listen to
Keep on making awesome songs dude!


2015-04-27 10:53:17


azabazacaza responds: